Managed Services

 Managed Service Providor (MSP) and Virtual Chief Informational Officer

In addition to providing general IT support and proactive services at a predictable monthly rate, our primary role as your MSP becomes that of a virtual chief information officer (vCIO). Rather than simply performing predetermined tasks for your business, we also play a proactive and strategic role managing and creating long-term strategies for your IT infrastructure. We learn your business and become part of the team, allowing us to use our research on new technologies and best practices to propose changes and help budget for upcoming projects.


 Network Monitoring
Using automation software, we actively monitor your network behind the scenes without interrupting your day-to-day workflow. We monitor all aspects of your IT infrastructure, ranging from computers and mobile devices that access your network, to email spam filtering and malware protection.  This gives us the information needed to keep an asset inventory, create topology mapping, and setup RMM for proactive alerts and maintenance.
 Proactive Support
24/7 Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) allows us to perform proactive, ongoing maintenance and network security support. By proactively managing your network infrastructure we prevent most issues before anyone even notices that they exist. We will automate routine tasks (such as cleanup or updates), and when possible deploy automatic fixes to problems that we configure to alert our system - even generating a ticket in the process documenting the automatic work.
 Cloud & Local Backups
We implement cloud and physical backups for computers, servers, and other storage devices to ensure redundancy and quick data recovery when needed. For a server or important physical machines we can setup virtualization to boot a failed server or computer immediately from backup to keep downtime to a minimum.
 Antivirus & Network Security
We provide malware/virus protection and network intrusion protection helping maintain your overall data security. We monitor your endpoints with a software monitoring agent that alerts us of any intrusive or malicious files and network security conditions so they can be resolved quickly, if not automatically.

Ask Us About Managed Services

My PC Partners offers Managed Services in which all IT maintenance is covered under a flat monthly fee.
This allows for you as the customer to more easily budget for your IT needs and allows us to spend the time needed to keep your system up to date and running smooth without incurring additional cost - a win for everyone! Contact Brian or Scott at 925-766-4005 for more details.