Onboarding - we want to get to know you so we can help you!

One of the most critcal components to IT support is understanding how & why everything is connected. If you are a new customer with My PC Partners we want to get to know you, your office & how everything is supposed to work when it is working! Having this information greatly reduces the time it takes to troubleshoot an issue and allows us to provide a higher level of support for your business.

During our onboarding visit we get to know you & your staff - despite our focus being IT software & computers we are a people first business! While our goal to make your equipment work, it has to work the way you need it to for your business to thrive. Some of the information we will gather on this first visit will be:

  • Contact information
  • Preferred form of communication
  • Staff security levels - who is allowed to submit tickets? Password reset requests? New/existing employees?
  • List of software & vendor contact information
  • List of printers, purposes (fax, scan, etc.) & connection information
  • Pictures of critical networking components
  • General questions such as how does the business operate? The goal is to determine what aspects of the business are critical such as a specific software, email, etc.
  • Backups. Do you have them? Have you tested them to know they are working?
  • Current or ongoing frustrations we can address

To the right are two examples of some of the information we would gather while visiting for our onboarding visit. Gathering this information will help us remediate issues quicker and reduce downtime for you company.

And finally in general - we just want to get to know you. Any way My PC Partners can contribute to the success for your company is considered a win for ours.

Ask Us About Managed Services

My PC Partners offers Managed Services in which all IT maintenance is covered under a flat monthly fee.
This allows for you as the customer to more easily budget for your IT needs and allows us to spend the time needed to keep your system up to date and running smooth without incurring additional cost - a win for everyone! Contact Brian or Scott at 925-766-4005 for more details.